Live Demo

You can try out tagmod right now.

Sorry, the live demo has been disabled for now. It’s about to be reactivated soon. Please stay tuned.

First, setup variable CVSROOT

% export CVSROOT

then authenticate user alibaba using the obvious password sesame

% cvs login

Having done this preparations, assign a tag on project foo/bar, for example (
option -F is used here to override a previously used tag – just in case):

% cvs rtag -F yet-another-release-tag foo/bar
Thank you, your tag "yet-another-release-tag" has been recorded.

It will be used to trigger a build on a experimental
build system @ This will
happen in couple of minutes.

Just go ahead and open page

in your favorite browser and checkout a project named

Happy Tagging.

Above tag assignment scheduled a release build. It will build 1-2 minutes later.

In this basic demo setup, no particular notification — like an email– is sent back to you. However, you can check this reporting website that your tag assignment indeed triggered a (simulated) release build. Check out project name release-foo_bar.
It will show when the project has been build recently. To see why it has been build, follow the link, then open the Modifications tab. It will show, amongst other things, the tag you used and a time stamp.