This project is about how to detect whether a tag has been assigned to a project hosted in source code repository. If such a mechnism exists, it could be used to trigger a build in a continuous integration (CI) engine.

This project implements such a mechanism for

  • CVS – a rather infamous, bit outdated, still widely in use source code repository
  • CruiseControl – the grand daddy of all continuous integration engines

A (proprietary) descendant of this plugin has been used in a larger organisation to trigger version or release builds. Without the plugin, release builds were implemented in a purly manual fashion on a developer’s distinguished computer. The CI engine was used to perform nightly builds only. When the new version appeared stable, developers had to send the appropriate version of their component to a disthinguished project member responsible for the final build.

The plugin changed this by allowing everyone to trigger a release build (the version to be used were taken from a database which was automatically updated by the CI as well – but that’s another story).