Second Release Candidate For 1.02 Available ..

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A new release candidate for the next upcoming minor release, version 1.02.00, has been published today. You may download it from here or from here.

Here is what the ChangeLog says about the new release candidate ..

* updated to JUEL 2.2.1 (was 2.1.1-rc4)
* using ant-antunit (1.1) to run Ant based unit tests
* refactoring ant unit tests (test/test-*.xml)
*  redesigned to have elements re, glob, cmp,
   matches (legacy, deprecated) and attributes find, not and literally
* fixed bug in  to avoid partial matches.
* new distributable "ant-flaka-bare-${version}.jar" introduced - does
  not contain any inlined dependencies (as ant-flaka-${version}.jar) does.
 extended with  clause (warning: conflicting exceptions)

The mayor part of the work has been put into redesigning . Documentation about changes is rather spare at this moment. To get an idear of what can be done with , it’s best to study the associated (Ant) unit case.

User feedback is welcome and documentation is in progress.



Version 1.1.0 Released

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Version 1.1.0 has been released today. Please checkout the following download packages:

  1. ant-flaka.jar – this is the jar file that needs to be plugged into Ant. See also the manual how to do this.
  2. – the development package. Only required when building ant-flaka.jar from scratch again.
  3. Flaka’s PDF Manual.

You may also want to visit the project’s hosted home at Google for further details on Flaka and this new release.