Adding A Plesk Event Handler

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Plesk allows you to have a customized event handler. This is a rather useful feature cause it allows you to customize the way Plesk behaves. Take the meanwhile famous vhost_ssl.conf bug. Although documented in the manual, Plesk will not recognize an additional configuration file for an SSL/TLS port in a subdomain. Solutions have been proposed to manually change vhost.conf. That’s a forbidden fruit however, cause all it needs is a websrvmng --reconfigure-all to eliminate your changes. But as mentioned, just install a event handler which is triggered when a subdomain is created or updated. Such an event handler can be just a plain shell script.

However, when I tried to install such an event handler beast via Plesk | Server | Event Handler | Add New Event Handler I ended up in an error message like Error: Some fields are empty or contain an improper value for which add did not have any explanation. Much, very much later, I discovered that I had copied the path of my script to be executed via copy-n-paste into that Plesk command field. That copy contained whitespace at the end of the command, i.e. something like


which is enough to make Please grumpy. What’s more, it’s all about whitespace (blanks, tabs, newline etc) at the end of a command while whitespace within the command is accept without any rumble:

echo > /dev/null

That works fine.


When entering an event handler command, make sure that there is no whitespace at the end of the command.