I love my Mac!

written by admin 2837 days ago. Last update at 2013-04-02 16:29:26. Categories macosx.

This article is actually not about developing software. It’s all about that the wow!.. is back, at least once a while. It was again my Mac featuring MacOS X 10.5 aka Leopard making me happy. It started with my mobile device which, for unknown reasons, stops working when in a foreign country. Stops working in this context means that I can’t make any phone call nor send SMS. So this is pretty serious. I called my provider’s help desk. Not that I expected any help. It’s just about that I call it because its there or not having a bad conscious not having called them for help. After 12 days without any sign of live from my provider, I called them today for a status query ..

After that call I decided to go for a master reset of my good old T630 phone. Obviously such a master reset will kill any data on that device. So how to export them? On Windows XP I used FMA which worked reasonably well and is free software. Ok but now I’m using a Mac..

After I while of searching the Internet for a Mac based tool I had the glorious idea to just let my Mac connect to my via phone via Bluetooth and see what will happen. So I did and voila , after having established a connection, a tool started up out of the blue. It was iSync which comes packaged with Leopard. And from there I lifted off and saved my phone’s address book on my back. Basically it all happens in seconds. So there it was, the wow effect. This is really a marvellous piece of work, this computer and it’s software. I love it.

As you might know, light and shadow are close friends. I’m still not able to do my master reset cause I have no clue about my phone’s phone lock code….

Happy Hacking.