iSync Plugin

written by admin 2698 days ago. Last update at 2013-04-02 16:29:26. Categories macosx.

Uploaded an iSync plugin for the Nokia 2720 (fold) mobile phone. When plugged in, it will become easy to synchronize addresses, events etc. between the mobile phone and your Mac. Just enable Bluetooth on your Mac and on your phone and make sure that they are paired. Then, start-up iSync and add a device. It should find automatically your mobile. Otherwise it will report that your mobile is not supported. Once the device is added, just press the big round button to start syncing.

iSync screenshot with device Nokia 2720 added.

iSync screenshot with device Nokia 2720 added.

The easiest way to install this plugin is by using the nokia-2720a-2.dmg installer package. When being used, the plugin will be installed in folder /Library/PhonePlugins/. To support other installation locations, other package formats have been uploaded as well. To support a private installation, create folder ~/Library/PhonePlugins then download an untar package nokia-2720a-2.phoneplugin.tgz within this folder. Eventually restart iSync and try adding your device again.